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We Save Your Memories!

Time...and technology...are stealing your precious memories.   Those photos, films, video and audio tapes that tell your life story, are disappearing because of age and changes in technology.
We carefully convert your old media over to today's digital formats.
The work is done here on site ... and with the utmost care.   

You Have Options

Our  conversion services are critical for saving:

  • audio / video tapes of any format
  • documents 
  • photos, 
  • slides  
  • negatives
  • albums  
  • smart phone files
  • and more

You can choose to digitize to either:

Flash (thumb / jump)  drives,  

DVD's or 


Make it Happen

It's Time... to let Dub-L Tape secure your family's legacy.    

Services and Products

Video Tapes

We digitally convert almost all consumer formats, including:

  • VHS 
  • Betamax
  • 8mm
  • DVCam
  • S-VHS


converting slides, photos and/or negatives

We take extra care!

By scanning at well-above standard DPI values, our preservation of slides,  photos and negatives, images can be enlarged without losing quality.

We also color-correct and clean up minor imperfections.

8mm/Super 8 Films

Save your  8 mm or Super 8 films.  

Each reel is captured frame-by-frame, achieving optimal clarity and color. 

For even better results, we enhance the converted film with our advanced software to give you a remarkable viewing experience.

16mm Films

We handle 16 mm film. We professionally capture reels in a telecine, to secure  as close to original condition and quality as possible.


We convert records to CD or drive. 

Our audio cleaning lab removes most 'pops' and other minor audio imperfections to achieve the best quality.


We convert most standard reel-to-reel audio tapes to Flash drive or CD.

*Some reel sizes and recording speeds cannot be accommodated.*


Our professionals have extensive Broadcast Television and corporate video production experience.

We excel at business / organizational promotional programs, training videos and even the recording of live events.


Law firms and court reporting services nationwide use Dub-L Tape for legal work. 

We specialize in the professional video taping of legal depositions, documentation of evidence, day-in-the-life presentations, editing of depositions, etc.    


If you wish to distribute or sell programmnng, Dub-L Tape's duplication services are perfect.

Professional packaging for DVD or Flash drives can be created for mass distribtion. 

Broadcast Formats

We can convert those unique brodcast tape formats that were used by professionals.

These formats include:

  • BetaSP
  • Umatic
  • DVCam


If you want to sell programming, but you want to retain the percieved-value not  realized with an in

We have unique packaging alternatives.

Our Flash drive cases allow you to utilize the latest media technology. 

With our unique flash drive cases, you can market a tangible audio/visual product with 'perceived value', as opposed to selling a mere internet link.

Cassette Conversion

Don't give up on those old cassettes. If they mean something to you, we can transfer them to a digiatal format.

As with all our audio work, we run converesions through our audio lab software to achieve optimal quality.

Tape Repair

Don't give up on precious tapes just beacuse your machine ate your tape. 

We get extremely good results with the repair skills of our technicians.

Flashdrive Cases

Our UFO  (Unidentified Flashdrive Organizer) comes with every Flash drive order.

Our unique patent pending case is made in America allowing you to label and organize Flashdrives  to hold your precious data.

Be Your Own Cloud!

UFO cases hold most brands and types of drives. 

Buy a four-pack for even greater savings!

It's a great way to store all those 'mystery'  flash drives you have laying around. 

Brighten up any room with Dynamic Art

Dynamic Art

Transform Your TV Into Art

Most professionals with a waiting room or lobby, now have TV monitors to lighten up the waiting area or entertain their patrons. However, many office managers, are at a loss as to what programming they should show daily. Often it's just left on something like the Weather channel or something similarly bland,  because it offends the least number of customers. But it generally pleases no one.

Dub-L Tape has a solution. It's called Dynamic Art.

For example, Instead of displaying a picture of a pretty waterfall, with Dynamic Art, using your lobby monitor, you can actually display a waterfall with all the sights and sounds of its natural beauty.

Calm your customers and let them relax with programming they'll find peaceful and pleasing to the eye.

Easy to operate, without any additional technology or hook-ups, Dynamic Art comes on a flashdrive that plugs into the USB port on any smart TV. It contains 8 hours of origiinal HD programming.

When you want to play it, just select it as your input and follow the prompts of your smart TV. Push play and don't give it another thought during the rest of your operating hours.

Your customers will love it, or at the very least, they won't be forced to watch programming they don't like.

It's a nice change of pace.

Dynamic Art is also fantastic for use at home. It's perfect as background viewing, or to merely brghten up any room with a flat screen monitor.

Learn More

Dynamic Art has numerous titles available, with more being continuously added.

Each program contins multiple scenes which change at varying times through out the program.

Current titles include:

  Natural Texas ... Wildlife and agricultural scenes from the Texas countryside  
  Winter Peace...  Life has peaceful beauty in a snowstorm  
  Floraverse...  The beauty of flowers is fleeting, but not on Dynamic Art  
  Niagara Journey...   2 hrs.   A visual ride down the Niagara river to its spectacular falls  
  Ideal Idaho...    The rugged beauty of pine covered mountains amid lakes and streams  
  Serene Streams...     Nothing relaxes like experiencing gently flowing water  
  Zoo Views ...  Take your time watching protected animals in a picturesque setting     

Find out more

Our Story

Experienced Professionals

In continuous operation since 1985, Dub-L Tape, Inc. has kept pace with the rapidly changing technology of the audio/visual industry.

A leader in Production, Conversion and Duplication... Dub-L Tape has excelled in quality, customer service and price.

Whether you're an individual... or you represent a company or an organization, your project is important to us and your satisfaction is our utmost concern. We're serious about giving you the best product at the most competitive pricing possible.


Audio visual service is our expertise. 

This is no sideline!

It's all we do and it's all we've ever done.

Most importantly, we do it well.

Let Us Work for You

We don't make you buy any special boxes or jump through hoops. 

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